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Matryoshka is a colourful game for the whole family. It is simple and easy even for younger kids and grown-ups also have fun playing it.
This game is excellent for developing visual comprehension, attentiveness, and quick response. Very often kids are quicker than their parents to spot the colours and find the right doll

Age: 4+   Time: 15 min   Players: 2-6 

In the box:
- 20 Matryoshka cards
- 40 colour combination cards
- game rules

- matching
- concentration
- movement
- action

Dimensions: 12х9х3 cm   Weight: 200g

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Russian version

German version

What is the game about?

Here are cute and colourful matryoshka dolls. None of them is the same! And they all have different moves! The dealer has a deck of cards with different colour combinations. Each colour combination card matches the outfit of only one matryoshka doll. The dealer opens the cards one by one and the players search for the matching matryoshka to copy her move. The first one to do this will receive the open card. And then the dealer opens another card…

Does this game develop attentiveness and quick response?

Yes. This game is perfect for younger kids as the players don’t need to take turns – all the players are looking for a matryoshka at the same time. It’s also very important for the kids that a short period of concentration turns to activity.

Who is this game for?

- For a preschool child.
- For your foreign friends.
- Any family with kids,

Matryoshka is a great reason to get together and have some fun!

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