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Squeeerrels is a fun strategy game for children  with exciting story line and simple rules.

Age: 6-12

Time: 20 min

Players: 2-4 

Dimensions: 15х10х3,5 сm

Weight: 200г

In the box:
- 21 forest cards
- 12 Squeeerrel cards
- 4 marker cards
- 1 card — the First Squeeerrel
- 50 nut chips
- zip-lock bag
- game rules

- strategy
- logic
- bluffing

Rules Eng

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Squeeerrels are curious squirrels on a mission to stock up nuts for winter but there are some obstacles – the forrest is populated with other animals. Cute hedgehogs and mean marten are going out of their way to stop the squirrels. The good news is that the squirrels have some helpful gifts.

How to play?

Each player has his own team of three squeeerrels: Leader, Speedy and Strongman. Speedy knows how to bypass a hedgehog and get the nut, Strongman can carry 2 nuts and Leader can swap places with Speed or Strongman. All this comes very handy in the game. You need to collect as many nuts as possible! Where to start? Everything begins with… Scouting! First place the forest cards on the table face down – there will be several forests and each will have nuts, hedgehogs and martens! Each player can check one forest before the round begins. If you see the forrest with a lot of nuts and not a single hedgehog in vicinity, try not show your excitement! Next step will be to send your squeeerrels to the forest to collect the nuts. Each player decides which squeeerrel he is going to send to which forest.

Is this a real strategy for kids?

Yes, it is. It’s the same as strategy games for grown-ups. The game develops planning abilities, decision making  and even bluffing at times. Kids will also learn to notice, identify and control their emotions.

Who is this game for?

For young strategists and psychologists.For families that have younger kids that still struggle with the strategies for grown-ups.Squeeerrels are perfect for quiet family evening.
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