A roll and move game for younger kids. Learn the seasons while playing! Get acquainted with months, the annual cycle and natural phenomena

Age: 3+

Time: 15 min

Players:  2-4

Dimensions: 21х21х3,5 cm

Weight: 400г

In the box:
- Playing field made of 4 puzzle piece sections;
- 21 cards with natural phenomena;
- 4 helper cards,
- wooden tokens for the players in four colors,
- wooden die,
- game rules


Rules ENG

Would icicles thaw in July? When does the bird migration begin? Does the grass grow in winter? Seasons is a quest game that introduces kids to nature and natural processes. Colourful illustrations will help kids to discover and explore the seasons, the twelve months and different natural process. The most interesting part is that some answers are controversial as it happens in real life. You can make your own decision or follow our recommendations.

How to play?

The object is to move your token around the game board following the twelve months as quick as possible. At his turn each player takes a card with a natural process and states if this process is possible in this month or not. If it is possible then the player moves his token forward. And real friends will always use one of the rescue cards to help someone who is stuck , for example, in the rainy season! Is it good for the child? Yes! Kids will learn about different natural processes, compare and analyse different states of nature, develop focus, concentration, visual memory and imagination

 Who is it for?

This quest game is perfect for younger kids and their parents. It is fun to play at home, outdoors, on the road or when visiting friends.

What else?

Beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzle parts are connected forming a circle.
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