Rhyme Time

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Pure simplicity of game mechanic in a new
rhyme game. Open 6 cards and look for
rhyming pictures. Be as fast as you can.

age: 6+       players: 2-6       time: 15 min

in the box
• 48 cards
• rulebook

•  sense of rhyme
• creativity
• word & image relation

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Russian version

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Players open 6 cards from the deck and put them on the table.  They see 24 pictures of simple objects.

All players at the same time start looking for objects whose names rhyme with one another. Everybody is trying to be the first one to find a pair that rhymes. For example, shampoo – kangaroo or doll – ball.
The first person who comes up with the rhyme, puts the cards with those images (objects) into his/her victory pile.
* If the player manages to rhyme 3 or even 4 words, he/she gets all the cards with the objects that the player used.
For example, doll – ball – wall.
After the round is played, players lay out new cards from the deck to fill the empty spaces so that the number stays exactly 6.

The game ends when all the cards from the deck are used up and on the open cards rhymes can no longer be found.
The winner is the player with the biggest number of cards.

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