The mouse got my cheese! The cat is not sleeping and it’s chasing the thief! To catch the mouse and meow victoriously, the cat has to build a chase path using the cards from the deck. The longer the path, more points the cat will score!


15 min


12х9х3 сm


In the box
62 direction cards
4 blue start cards
4 red finishing cards

Game rules

MeowChase is an entertaining educational game. This game will help kids to recognise different directions. It also requires them to  respond quickly and focus.

How to play?

The players take turns to draw cards from the deck. Each card has a direction (right, left, up, down). The players need to build a chase path using this direction. The path should not cross itself or cross the paths of the other players. The round is over when one of the players draws a red card (Meow, meow!) and it’s time to check the correctness of each player’s path and if it’s all good - move the cards used to the ‘winning’ pile and… start the next round!

Who is this game for?

- for those who have preschool kids
- for those who needs an educational and fun present for a preschool or primary school child

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