Magic Hat

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Something disturbing happened in the Magic Kingdom! At night someone swapped all the hats in the castle! The Wizard looks ridiculously funny wearing Dragon’s horns on his head. We need to help the citizens of the Magic Kingdom with this mess! Wow!

Age: 6+  Time: 15 min   Players:  2-4 

In the box:
- 20 character cards
- 24 hat cards
- 16 Magic Hat tokens
- 4 help cards
- zip-lock bag
- game rules

- matching
- bluffing
- memory

Dimensions: 15х10х3,5 сm   Weight: 200г

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How do we play?

The object for each player is to return the hats to their owners as fast as possible strategically moving the cards, bluffing and trying to mislead the opponents.When it’s your turn, you have the following options: look up one hat card, swap two hat cards, open the matching hat card for the character. If you open the wrong card you will have to take a penalty token and wait until your next turn to try and get that magic hat card that cancels the penalty!

Who is this game for?

Both kids and grown-ups will enjoy this game. Fairytale characters create a magical atmosphere and there is a hint of humour in each character.

What can we learn?

This game helps the kids to develop their memory, to learn how to control their emotions, to bluff and to think strategically.
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