Letters+ is full-on fun game for family and friends. It takes you to the amazing land of language, enriches the vocabulary, encourages .

Age: 9+

Time: 15 min

Players : 2-8

Dimensions: 8х8х12 сm

Weight: 250g

In the box:
- wooden dice
- game rules

- combination
- quick responce
- vocabulary

Rules ENG

There are consonants on the dice. Throw the dice and use the consonants that come up to create various words adding vowels as you need. There is plenty of room for creativity! You will have 2 minutes to write down as many long words as possible. More letters you use, better the score!

Can you give me an example?

Of course. Say you have letters S M P L R L S. You can create words “simple”, “rules”, “plus” and many others. What do you do when you can’t write the words down? You can play a quick version: don’t write the words down; instead, say them aloud. The first player to come up with a
word made out of 5 or more letters wins the round!

Is this game a good present for a child?

The rules are tailored to make the game simple, quick and
interesting. It is easy for a child to get into the game and develop an
interest in different word games.
Even those who don’t have the perfect spelling yet can play this game
together with older players and even might beat the parents!
The tube is small enough to take with when you are on the road or visiting friends. You can play this game anywhere you go!

Where to play?

Anywhere, really! The small box easily fits in your travel bag – playing Letters+ is fun no matter where you are!
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