A fun and dynamic game for a group of adults. Be artistic and convincing - snag that job you always dreamed of!

Age: 12+

Time: 40 min

Players: 3-6 

Dimensions: 25х25х6 cm

Weight: 600g

In the box:

50 profession cards
100 skill cards
50 capuccino cards
30 compliments cards
4 coffee cups
1 hourglass
12 tokens
75 winning tokens
game rules

Rules ENG


JobZ is a fun board game which turns the process of finding a job and taking an interview into a funny and entertaining pastime What do you mean? You will have to look at work in a completely new way. Specifically, you will need to use your ability to act and communicate to the fullest, as well as deal with a very unexpected set of traits and skills.

How do we play?

Imagine that you have decided to take a job interview and, upon arrival you discover that it will be an open interview! That’s right! 4 or 5 other people are also in the room and will be vying for the position. The competition is going to be intense! So, in our game, you will have many opponents and only one player will be the winner. Each player receives profession cards and skill cards, which he has to combine in a plausible manner. Oh yes, and you will have to cope with the emotions you experience during the interview, which will be provided by the “Capuccino” cards. And, since it is a game and we don’t want anybody to feel downtrodden, during each round, one of the players becomes the employer. His goal is to think of a start-up, conduct interviews with the job applicants, choose the best people and refuse the others without offending them. The player who turns out to be the most sought-after and rises up the career ladder by gathering the largest number of jobs, will be the winner.

Who can play?

This game is ideal for a group of adults, or high school/college students.

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