Home, sweet home

A classic bingo type game with animals from the temperate zone. Get acquainted with our countrie’s animals, find matches and compare images.
Memory+bingo version for 4+ kids

Age: 2+

Time: 15 min

Players: 1-4

Dimensions: 21х21х3,5 сm

Weight:  400g

In the box:
- 5 fields
- 30 tokens
-game rules

Rules ENG


Why for toddlers?

The characters on the cards are very familiar to the toddlers and the illustrations are simple and very real. The cards are made of thick cardboard and fit perfectly in a little hand. The game has a very simple mechanism and the little ones will enjoy it. When your child grows up a bit you can make the rules a bit more complex and interesting.

What's on the cards?

The animals on the cards are familiar and known to the kids; it's those which live in Europe. Each animal has a home -  forest, river, field or village. The illustrations are simple and real, and adopted for the little ones. Home, sweet home is the game recommended by psychologists.

Who is this game for?

This game is perfect for families with toddlers and for those who work with kids.

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