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A strategy game with a completely novel mode of gameplay and stunning design. Choose your strategy to inhabit your territory with the most exotic and valuable animals.

Age: 8+  Time: 30 min  Players: 2-4

Dimensions: 25х25х5 сm

Weight: 1,3 kg

- strategy
- analyze

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Spielkult's review

Binatang is a big strategy game for the whole family. Unchartered territories, inexplicable wild animals and a secret path will be on the
table for your family evenings and your time with friends.

What is this game about?

Each player needs to create a sanctuary and fill it with various wild animals separating the territory between different kinds. There is a
choice to be made: do you get the rarest animals or do you get as many as possible of a common kind? Choose your strategy! Each inhabitant in your sanctuary gets you closer to the win! The winner is the one who moves further than others along the secret path.

What’s unique about this game?

The player fills the game space with various animals according to his own plan. And at the same time, each move of any other player can change this tactic. Do you need a strategy or you just rely on luck? To focus on creating your own sanctuary or to try influencing the plans of others? Stick to your own style and remember, that even the youngest
players have a good chance to out master seasoned strategists!

Who is this game for?

Family time with kids
Kids parties
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