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Toddles-Bobbles is a fun and dynamic game that develops imagination and attention. It is great for the little ones and those who are young at heart. The game is an entertainment for any age!

age: 5+
       players: 2-6      time: 15 min

in the box
60 cards,
- rulebook

- imagination,
- memory

12,5x9,5x3 cm

rules ENG

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Russian version- Golovonogi

German version

Have you met Toddles-Bobbles yet?

Here they are! 12 charming characters! They are unique, charming and friendly. But they don’t have a name! What shall we call them? That’s where the game begins.

What is the game about?

The players take turns to draw and flip a card from the deck. Greet the Toddle-Bobble! If you see him for the first time, the one who opened the card gives him a name. Everyone should memorize this Toddle-Bobble. The first to shout his name out next time when the Toddle-Bobble comes up in the game, will claim all the open cards to his winning pile. Let’s see who is going to have the best collection of Toddle-Bobble portraits! And who is going to invent the funniest name?

Does the game develop memory and attention?

Of course! And not only! You need to use your creativity to find a name. Per Albert Einstein “imagination is more important than knowledge”. The game also awakens the sense of humour and brings a lot of laughter and fun! Who is this game for? • For those who like to play at home with the whole family. • For those, who need a good present for the friends with pre-school children. • Perfect for kids’ parties and birthdays!

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