Take a Pic

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The photo safari  is open, keep your cameras on and mind one's step!

Age: 6+     Players: 3-6     Time: 15 min

In the box:
- 50 cards
- 2 big dice with pictures
- game rules

Dimensions: 10x12x3 cm
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Spielanleitung Take a Pic from www.creavida.ch Priska Flury on Vimeo.

In Take a Pic, dice indicate which animals can be seen this round and you must be the first one who takes a picture. Don't forget to protect pictures on your flash card because competitors don't slumber!

The game includes two big dice with animals and a photographer (joker) on their faces, and the animals on the round cards represent what you see through your camera lens. Now it's time to find out who is faster. Say cheese!

Author of the game Martin Nedergaard Andersen
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